Spiral Hat Pattern

Many of you have already received this pattern on a postcard at a fiber festival from me, but I ran out of postcards, so I decided I would create a pdf of this pattern so anyone can download it for free. Enjoy! It’s a hat I designed to be knit up in my Fiber Fiend Bulky Handspun Superwash Merino yarn. It will work with the Bulky handspun Corriedale I spun up and will be spinning up as well. Or you can use any super bulky yarn!

DOWNLOAD THE PDF by clicking here!

Sprial Hat
by Fiber Fiend
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Knit up a super quick spiral hat with super bulky yarn!

20 inches in circumference

4 oz. Fiber Fiend Bulky Superwash Merino Handspun [yardage varies] (or spin it yourself!)
US11 16-inch circular needles
US11 double-pointed needles
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

GAUGE: 2.5 sts/inch in stockinette stitch on size US11 needles.


K – knit
P – purl
K2tog – knit two together
P2tog – purl two together
St – stitch


With circular needle, cast on 52 sts. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist.

[K2 p2] around for 5 rounds.

Spiral Pattern:
R1: K1 (p2 k2) until last 3 sts, p2 k1.
R2: (P2 k2) around.
R3: P1 (k2 p2) until last 3 sts, k2 p1.
R4: (K2 p2) around.

Work the 4 rounds of the spiral pattern until the hat measures 6 inches when lightly stretched. End on any pattern round.


Switch to double-pointed needles.
If next round is R1: k1 p2, (k2tog p2) until last st, k2tog last st with first st from next round. Place marker after this st. (p2tog k1) around.
If next round is R2: p2, (k2tog p2) until last 2 sts, k2tog. (P2tog k1) around.
If next round is R3: p1, (k2tog p2) until last 3 sts, k2tog p1. P1 k1 (p2tog k1) around until last st, p2tog last st with first st fron next round. Place marker after this st.
If next round is R4: (k2tog p2) around. (k1 p2tog) around.
26 sts on the needles.

3rd and 4th rounds of decreases in all cases: k the p’s and p the k’s.
5th decrease round: [k2tog] around (13 sts).
6th round: [k1 p1] around until the last st, k1.
7th round: [k2tog] 6 times, k1. (7 sts).

Cut yarn and pull through remaining sts. Weave in ends.