Ribbed Baby Hat

Ribbed Baby Hat (with notes for adult hat)
by Fiber Fiend
Difficulty Level: Beginner

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Knit up a super quick ribbed baby hat with worsted weight yarn! Or use any multiple of 5 stitches and a different weight of yarn to knit a baby hat, adjusting the decrease rounds if necessary (i.e. you can always start with R3 if you have a multiple of 5, but then you might need to do more k2tog rnds at the end in order to get few enough sts – decrease until you have less than 8, then cut yarn and pull through remaining sts), OR knit an adult hat by knitting the middle section until the hat is 6 inches long instead of 4 inches long and adjusting the decrease rounds if necessary as just described!

12 inches in circumference, unstretched

50g worsted weight yarn
US7 16-inch circular needles
US7 double-pointed needles
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

20 sts per 4 inches in ribbing stitch, unstretched

K – knit
K2tog – knit two together
P – purl
St – stitch

With circular needle, cast on 60 sts. Place marker and join, being careful not to twist.

[K3 p2] around for 10 rounds.

Middle Section:
[K1 p1 k1 p2] around until the hat measures 4 inches.

Switch to double-pointed needles.
R1: [k4 k2tog] around. 50 sts.
R2: Knit.
R3: [k3 k2tog] around. 40 sts.
R4: Knit.
R5: [k2 k2tog] around. 30 sts.
R6: Knit.
R7: [k1 k2tog] around. 20 sts.
R8: Knit.
R9: [k2tog] around. 10 sts.
R10: Knit.
R11: [k2tog] around. 5 sts.

Cut yarn and pull through remaining sts. Weave in ends.