New Year’s Resolutions 2009

1) Be more positive. Think more positive. Blog more positively.
2) Blog more often, but not when I have a migraine. Health is of utmost importance.
3) Think before I buy. Make sure the stash fits in the bookcase by the end of the year.
4) Design R at least one, maybe two sweaters.
5) Try to publish one design per month.
6) Find the good in my work. This will apply when I go back to my day job…
7) Nurture Relationships and Build New Relationships. Work on sustaining my marriage and building healthy friendships with people who can offer me support when I need it. Keep in touch with my family. The past year has been the hardest one of my life. I’d like to leave it that way…
8 ) Exercise every day, even if it’s only walking one block.
9) Meditate every day.
10) Do physical therapy every day.
11) Be kind to myself, while concentrating on my health, and healing. Try to find ways to get better, and try to have perseverance, but be kind and gentle to myself.
12) Work on my communication skills. Try to make sure whoever I am communicating to understands what I meant to say. This can mean repeating what I said, or repeating what they said to make sure the concept was understood.
13) Work on my posture. Continue posture class and possibly yoga at the balance center. Be conscious of my posture as much as possible and try to correct bad posture whenever possible.