For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Part 5 can be found here, and here are links to Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1. You can find all of the instructions together on Ravelry in the Fiber Fiends group here. And you can find photos of my Esmerelda-in-progress on flickr here.

Now, on to Part 6, the Right Sleeve!

Right Sleeve

Place 20 (28, 27, 36, 34, 43, 42) held sts onto DPNs. Pick up and knit 31 (28, 34, 33, 40, 38, 44) sts. Knit 8 (4, 5, 17, 18, 14, 15) held sts in stockinette stitch. Place mkr, work Centered Cables pattern once, place mkr. Work remaining sts on holder in stockinette stitch. Rearrange 51 (56, 61, 69, 74, 81, 86) sts evenly onto DPNs.

Rnd 1: Work in pattern as established.

Rnd 2: K until mkr, m1R, sl mkr, work Centered Cables pattern, sl mkr, ssk, k to end of rnd.

Work Rnd 1 and Rnd 2 alternately. Decrease every 12th (10th, 10th, 8th, 8th, 7th, 6th) rnd 7 (10, 9, 13, 13, 16, 19) times. Sizes 30 (38, 42, 50): Decrease 1 st every 12th (10th, 8th, 7th) rnd once. 36 (36, 42, 42, 48, 48, 48) sts.

Decrease Rnd: K until 2 sts before mkr, k2tog, work in patt until 2nd mkr, sl mkr, ssk if on Rnd 2, ssk third and fourth sts after mkr, k to end of rnd.

All Sizes: Work in pattern until sleeve measures 17.25 (17.5, 17.75, 18.25, 19.25, 19.75, 20.25)” / 44 (44.5, 45, 46.5, 49, 50, 51.5) cm, or 1″ / 2.5 cm less than desired length, rearranging sts on DPNs as necessary.

Here’s a photo of my Esmerelda (Ravelry pattern link) through Part 7.

You can find more photos on flickr here.

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The Corsica pattern errata has just been updated both at and on Ravelry. If you purchased the pattern as a Ravelry download you should have automatically received a link to download the updated version.

In other news, be on the lookout for Esmerelda Part 6, the Right Sleeve, in the next few days!  I just worked the last decrease on my sample’s right sleeve, so hopefully I’ll get in a photo to show you as well.


Aaaaaaand the winner is…….Jeanine Militello! (Who apparently has a Husky who looks remarkably like Siena.) She chose Corsica (Ravelry link) as her favorite pattern. picked number 6 (I took R out of the running)! Thank you to those of you who became fans of my Facebook page and entered the contest. Look for more pattern giveaways here on my blog, on Facebook, in the Ravelry Fiber Fiends Group, and on Twitter in the future!

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