Spice up your charity knitting! Knit up one of these dazzling Spiral Cabled Chemo Caps (Ravelry link) in one of six sizes, from preemie’s to men’s. Give one to a friend in need or donate a few to a charity organization near you. Ten percent of pattern and kit proceeds go the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation in memory of my cousin Dina who was lost to leukemia when I was a baby. A list of charity organizations in need of chemo caps, preemie caps, and more can be found on my website here. Or knit one for yourself, a friend, or a child and raise funds for charity in the process. I taught a fun workshop on these caps for the Knitspiration Guild on Monday night, where I went over three different ways to make cables travel, how to change gauge to knit these hats with a different weight yarn, where to find charities to donate caps, and how to cable without a needle. I’ll be teaching this class again at the TNNA Winter Trade Show in January.

Here’s a collage with photos of both versions of the cap. When someone at the guild meeting said that a preemie’s head is about the size of an orange, I couldn’t resist trying the hat on an orange hanging from my orange tree! =)

The pattern is $5, with 10% of proceeds going to the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation.

Here are some other photos of the Dina version, named after my cousin Dina, who died of leukemia when I was two. It has bobbles nestled among spiraling meandering cables.

Here’s a top view… you can see how the more subtle spirals in the body of the hat really spiral at the top.

Here you can see the inside of the Dina Cap — it’s really smooth, which is a great feature for a chemo cap to have…

Here are some more photos of the preemie sized Morfar version, named after my grandfather, who died of cancer when I was 6 or 7.  Morfar (Moo-fah) is the Swedish word for maternal grandfather.  This version of the cap has spiraling bold cables.

Here’s a top view…again, you can see how the more subtle spirals in the body of the hat really spiral at the top.

As always, click on images for larger views.

You can see more photos of both caps on flickr here.

Preemie’s (Baby’s, Toddler’s, Child’s, Women’s, Men’s);
(Dina shown in size Women’s; Morfar shown in size Preemie’s)

Circumference: 11 (13, 15, 17, 19, 21)” / 28 (33, 38, 43, 48, 53.5) cm, unstretched; to fit 12 (14, 16, 18, 20, 22)” / 30.5 (35.5, 40.5, 45.5, 50.5, 56) cm


  • Size Preemie’s (Baby’s, Toddler’s, Child’s, Women’s, Men’s): Approximately 24 (32, 41, 53, 60, 71) g / 70 (92, 118, 152, 174, 206) yd /64 (85, 108, 139, 160, 189) m DK Weight Yarn
  • Shown in Fiber Fiend Superwash Merino DK, colors Majestic Purple and Autumn: 50 (50, 50, 100, 100, 100) g / 145 (145, 145, 290, 290, 290) yd / 133 (133, 133, 266, 266, 266) m
  • 1 US #4/3.5mm 16″ circular needle for Toddler’s – Men’s Sizes
  • 1 set US #4/3.5mm double pointed needles
  • Stitch Marker
  • Tapestry needle

Skill Level: Intermediate
Gauge: 28 sts/36 rows = 4″ / 10 cm in cable pattern
Skills: cables, decreasing

Money raised for the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation as of 11/19/08: $11.47.
This number will be kept up to date on the pattern page on my website and on Ravelry.


For some reason there was a problem earlier with 2 of Mojo’s portraits displaying.  It’s fixed now…


I just got a new lens for an early Hanukkah/birthday present from my parents. It’s a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens and I absolutely love it so far! I took a few photos of a new hat I’m working on, Wanda, and some yarn. And then I think I took 38 portraits of Helix and 15 portraits of Mojo before my memory card was full. Here are my favorite 7 portraits of each dog. You’ll have to wait for the yarn/knitting photos…

Helix is now 8 months old. Here are his innocent looks. (And might I note that we trimmed his bangs to that he could see. You used to not be able to see his eyes at all, but he was bumping in to things a lot, so we thought we would do us all, and our furniture a favor…)

Here are Mojo’s portraits. He’s such an alert dog compared to relaxed Helix…

And here they are together… (photos taken with my old lens). Helix is chewing on Mojo’s collar in this photo…

And here you can see he’s getting quite tall!

Helix is such a sweetie. He loves lying underneath my chair when I sit at the computer… Sometimes since he’s gotten bigger, he has trouble getting out from under there in a hurry, like when R comes home.  =)

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If you’re on Facebook, I created a FiberFiend.com page, so check it out by clicking here!  Here’s a screenshot… (click on it for a larger view)

Facebook is another way you can keep up to date with Fiber Fiend events and new patterns, so if you’re so inclined, become a fan!  Just click here and then click “Become a fan”!

On another note, I’m not sure I’m up for it, but there are protests in Mountain View and San Jose against Prop. 8 that I could go to tomorrow… You can find out where to protest in California here, and nationwide here. There’s also a pledge going on to repeal prop 8. You can sign the pledge here.


I’m thinking about doing a Fiber Fiends Ravelry group design knit-a-long along the lines of Wedgette like Norah Gaughan is doing in the Norah Gaughan Fans group when the Fiber Fiends Ravelry group membership hits 100 members… (As long as it’s after December 3rd… I have a deadline I’d like to meet then and I don’t think I’ll have time to start before that.)  Membership is currently at 62.

If there’s enough positive response, I’ll go through with it, but if not, it won’t be worth the effort. Also, I’m polling to see if members would want the knit-a-long garment to be a sweater, or a sock, or a hat, or a bag, or mittens, or… If they want a sweater, do they want a pullover or a cardigan, more of a bulky jacket or something with thinner yarn?  If they have preferences, note them and I’ll take them into consideration!

If you’re not a member and this sounds like fun, sign up!  If you’re not on Ravelry, you should be!  Sign up here! The waiting list isn’t very long anymore…


I got this one from Janice who I guess got it from Lisa.  You can add a ball of yarn or a Ravelry to all of the Ravelry links on your blog with a bit of code that you can find here!


I had this brown machine knitted sweater forever and people asked me ALL the time if I knit it and my response over the past few years has been, “No, I could knit a way better sweater than this!” So, I finally did at the beginning of this year. I finished knitting this sweater in January, so I’m a bit behind in blogging, but better late than never, right? Here’s the old sweater, which is on it’s way to Goodwill…

I replaced it with what I call Bark Emerald (Ravelry link for my sweater), Emerald (Ravelry Link for pattern) from Knitty by Amy Swenson, knit in Rowan RYC Soft Tweed (Ravelry Link for yarn) in the Bark colorway, hence the name.

The sweater knit up really quickly on US10 1/2 needles! It’s one of my favorite cardigans. I wear it all the time.

I opted not to add a button closure, but rather I use a shawl pin to close the sweater and I think it looks great. I picked out a black and brown one from Purlescence for my birthday in January and I love it!

I love the shawl collar and the raglan cable details on this cardigan!

Also for my birthday in January, I picked out these adorable little sheep needles from Purlescence!! They’re US8’s and I was laughing and smiling the whole time I knit the fuzzy lamb on them!

One other thing I picked out from Purlescence for my birthday was this Fiber Trends Hedgehog pattern, which I have yet to knit up! (My parents got me all these things…)  Maybe I’ll make one for one of my nephews or my niece next year…  They’re so darn cute!

While I’m on birthday things, this post is getting really long, but I still have photos of the rest of my birthday presents from almost 9 1/2 months ago now! Teenuh knit me a beautiful dishcloth!

And Amy got me a felted dog toy knit! I still haven’t knit this one up yet either!  I don’t know how well it will last with my big chewers…

One last present, my brother got me a book, I think, and a huge bag of buttons!

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Wow, I’m so impressed!  In 24 hours on Ravelry, Sicily has been faved 202 times, queued 68 times, commented on 6 times, and purchased 4 times.  I’m overwhelmingly happy with it’s early success!  =D  I can’t wait to start seeing the projects!


This cabled romantic sweater with 3/4 length sleeves, scoop neck, and unique construction is the perfect challenge for an intermediate knitter. You can find it on my website here and on Ravelry here.

30 (34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54) (Shown in Size 34)

Chest: 30 (34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54) inches
Length: 20 (20.5, 21, 21.5, 22, 22.5, 23) inches

Jaeger Roma [63% viscose, 22% nylon, 15% angora; 137 yd / 125 m per 50g ball]; color: Leaf 10; 7 [8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] balls, or approximately 954 [1090, 1362, 1498, 1634, 1906, 2042] yd, or
Rowan Felted Tweed (50% wool, 25% alpaca, and 25% viscose 191/175m yd per 50g ball); color: Rage 150; 5 (6, 8, 8, 9, 10, 11) balls.
1 set US #5/3.75 mm double-pointed needles for sleeves
1 set US #3/3.25 mm double-pointed needles or 1 16-inch US #3/3.25 mm circular needle for sleeve hems
1 24-inch, 29-inch, or 32-inch US #5/3.75 mm circular needle for body
1 24-inch, 29-inch, or 32-inch US #3/3.25 mm circular needle for hem
1 16-inch US #5/3.75 mm circular needle or straight needles for cable band and end of sleeves (optional)
Stitch Markers in 2 colors
Stitch holders or waste yarn
Tapestry needle
Cable needle (optional)

23 sts/36 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch
Center Cable Band = 3.5” wide; one pattern repeat (24 rows) = 2.6” long

This cabled sweater has a unique construction, similar to Corsica. First the Cable Band in the middle of the sweater is knit back and forth horizontally and grafted together at the side. Then, stitches are picked up along one side of the cable band and stockinette stitch is knit in the round downward with increases on either side for the hips. The lower body is finished off with a hem. After that, stitches are picked up along the other side of the cable band and knit in stockinette stitch in the round upward, with bust dart increases, until the armpits. The fluttery romantic 3/4-length sleeves are knit in the round next, with a complementary cable. They are also hemmed. The sleeves are then joined to the body, and the top of the sweater is knit in the round with raglan decreases and a scoop neck. The sweater is finished off with a reverse stockinette stitch border. Sicily is made to fit tightly with minimal ease.

P.S. I also found out that Siena was adopted today by a family with 2 kids, so I hope she’s happy in her new home!

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Here are some newer photos of Ruby that I took a little while back…

I think they show the lace a little better than the ones I took previously. Here’s a Ravelry link to Ruby in case you’re interested. And here’s a link to buy the pattern in the store.  Thanks again to Teenuh for test knitting!

And here are some Viking Radishes under Cabbage Sail in a Blueberry Sea my mom made 2 weeks ago…

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