I think I might want to participate in both NaNoWriMo and NaKniSweMo!

I’m never going to have time to do both…. or will I?  I saw knitgrrrl’s post about NaKniSweMo when she wrote about it a few days ago, and it seems like a reasonable thing to do.  And then I saw her link to NaNoWriMo, and I was inspired.  When I was younger I wanted to be a writer.  Until 10th grade, when I had a challenging teacher for AP Composition, who took the fun out of writing.  I was most interested in writing childrens books with fantastical illustrations, or fantasy novels for young adults.  When I was in middle school I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.  I think I wrote a 100 page story in 6th grade, on wide-ruled notebook paper in my large hand-written script, but still…  My freshman year of high school I remember one writing assignment in which we had to write a 100 word story, kind of like a poem, but not exactly.  I had a lot of fun with that and wrote quite a few of them.  I went through a few-year stint of writing poetry and even entered some contests and had a poem or two published in some book(s?) of high school poetry contest winners or something.  I must have that book (those books?) somewhere.  I can’t recall what the poems were.  In any case, even if I don’t write 50,000 words, or even sign up for NaNoWriMo, I think I might start writing again… and I can certainly knit a sweater in November.

P.S.  My procedure did go well on Wednesday and while I’ve been in some of the worst pain of all this week, I’m hopeful that either this set of shots will help significantly or that my doctor will do a set of neurotomies in 2 1/2 weeks which will do the trick.  I start pool therapy this coming Wednesday, so I’m hoping that will help as well.  I did 4 weeks of regular physical therapy (which mostly consisted of ultrasound and TENS unit stimulation with heat after very mild stretching), which I think helped a bit, and I’m hoping pool therapy will help more.  I didn’t do it previously because it’s a 20 minute drive away and I couldn’t tolerate that much car time.  I’m not sure how well I’ll tolerate it now, but we’ll see.


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