Some of you have already heard this story, and I wasn’t there, so you’re hearing it second hand, but here goes… at the Stitches West Fashion Show, when the model came out wearing Corsica, she was wearing it upside down. “UPSIDE DOWN?!?” you say? That’s what I said. Don’t you mean inside out? No, upside down.

Looks like something out of a Teva Durham book to me…

Rick Mondragon, Editor of Knitter’s Magazine and MC of the show, started describing the sweater as a v-neck pullover with a center cable band and cables down the long sleeves…. he looked at the model, wait, that’s a cowl-neck, and looked at the notes, and Nathania whisper-yelled from the back of the room “It’s UPSIDE-DOWN!”, and… he told her to get her butt backstage and put the sweater on right-side up, the whole room in laughs.

She came back out and modeled the sweater right-side up. (Although her smile doesn’t seem quite as large — maybe she liked it better upside down.)

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that story the next day and surprisingly, also how many times people said they really liked the way the sweater looked upside down. Now that I’ve finally seen the photo, I kinda like it too…

In fact, Lisa thinks that I should design a cable-less sweater based on upside-down Corsica. What do you think?

All photos copyright 2008 XRX, Inc., courtesy of “Knitter’s Magazine,” Photos by Alexis Xenakis

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  1. Cindy/Snid Says:

    OMG- that is hysterical! Well- at least you sweater is the source of an attention getting story! I think Lisa has a good idea too and I wold think you could certainly get it into next years fashion show with that kind of background…

  2. shadkitty Says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! It does look rather cute upside down too. I agree with Lisa too. Wow. Upside down….

  3. Janice Says:

    Bravo! The Convertible Corsica!!! It was funny when I heard the story and it’s even funnier now that I can see the photos. But it’s a great look–are you going to include the photo in the pattern? lol

  4. seltsame Says:

    Wow! It does look great upside down. I agree, you should design a sweater around it.

  5. pauline Says:

    Corsica looks better on her right side up … but wow, it also looks pretty good upside down!

    I like the convertible idea!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Hey, that does look really cute upside-down! Kind of like a cowl-neck bolero, which normally wouldn’t be possible. That’s a hilarious story, I didn’t hear about this at Stitches!

  7. Jasmine Says:

    Can’t believe I haven’t heard this story. Thanks for sharing. It’s so funny. The sweater looks great both ways.

  8. Anna Garcia Says:

    The model invented a whole new look that the knitter probably didn’t even think of. funny how life can do that to you… Great look upside up or upside down. :-)

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