I’ve done a lot of gift knitting over the past few months….

I started the Syncopated Cap from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 for my brother’s birthday…(Ravelry details here)

but then I saw that Teenuh had added Brainmonster to her queue in Ravelry, and knowing my brother, I changed plans…

Just ignore the fact that I have a black eye in these pictures… my blood pressure got too low and I blacked out and landed on the kitchen floor. I’m ok. I had my head scanned and it’s ok too. No thanks to the Brainmonster!

Ravelry details here

I knit my sister-in-law a new scarf to replace the one she lost…

Ravelry details here

Here is the lovely Siena, my favorite scarf model…

I knit my nephew an Avery Baby Sweater for Hanukkah…

Ravelry details here

Cute little bug button!!

I knit my brother-in-law an Oregon Ducks hat for his birthday (the same day as my brother’s birthday!)

Ravelry details here

Pattern: Using MC (Cascade 220), CO 104 sts, join and work k2 p2 ribbing for 10 rounds. Knit stockinette stitch until desired length. Decreases: [k6 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k5 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k4 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k3 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k2 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k1 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. k2tog around. k2tog 6 times, k1. Cut yarn and pull through remaining 7 sts. Weave in ends. Duplicate-stitch the O in CC (Knit Picks Panache).

I knit Saartje’s Bootees for Nathania‘s baby boo

Ravelry details here

I also knit Korknissen for my immediate family members and one friend

Ravelry details here

These ones were for my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew…

These ones were for my parents…

These ones were for my brother and sister-in-law…

And this one was for my friend who often helps us out by dog-sitting

In other news, my mom (the best mom in the world!) sent me this box

And ALL these cookies and cakes were inside, all vacuum packed and wrapped in bubble wrap so they didn’t crumble!

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  1. spinnity Says:

    I sort of love the post-Xmas gift-knitting roundup. You get to see so much creative output at once. I especially love Avery in the nice blue and the Korknissen in little family groups. Awww!

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