It makes me SO happy that people are knitting Corsica and they’re happy with the results! Check out some Corsica FO’s!

Helene made this cute little collage photo of 3 Corsica FO’s!

Here are some close-ups of her sweater.

Here she is on Ravelry.

Here is Kristin Helene‘s Corsica.

Here she is on Ravelry.

Here is Margaret‘s Corsica.

Not only are people knitting Corsica, Maria spun up some merino/tencel fiber in the October colorway and is knitting some socks!

Woot! If you’re on Ravelry and you’d like to chat with other Fiber Fiend customers about what you’re up to and share photos, join the Fiber Fiends group!

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I didn’t only do gift knitting over the holidays. I knit up quite a storm of fun stuff for myself as well!

First off is Sahara, from Stitch Diva Studios.

I knit this sweater up in Malabrigo merino worsted, in the Indigo colorway. I used my handspun for the trim, which I specifically spun for that purpose. It was merino I got from Carolina Homespun. I finished the sweater with about 4 inches of handspun left. Woot! I made the sleeves about 4 inches longer than the pattern suggested. Apparently I have really long monkey-arms…

The sun was like right in my eyes when R was taking these pictures.

I LOVE this sweater. It was a quick knit and Malabrigo is the softest yarn EVER.

I might have sewn up the front a bit more than in the pattern photo, but I want to be able to wear this sweater to work with nothing under it so I can feel the yummy yarn next to my skin… Ravelry details here.

I also knit myself some fingerless mitts out of sparkly Nashua Grand Opera I got at the Purlescence Yarns Black Friday Sale.

The pattern was from an old Interweave. Ravelry details here.

I wear them ALL THE TIME, while typing, while driving, while writing. They’re PERFECT. I LOVE them.


I love Mojo.

He loves me too…

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Here’s my new nephew at 6 weeks in his Lizard Swirl Baby Sweater!

Isn’t he cute?! I can’t wait to meet him next month!

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I’ve done a lot of gift knitting over the past few months….

I started the Syncopated Cap from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 for my brother’s birthday…(Ravelry details here)

but then I saw that Teenuh had added Brainmonster to her queue in Ravelry, and knowing my brother, I changed plans…

Just ignore the fact that I have a black eye in these pictures… my blood pressure got too low and I blacked out and landed on the kitchen floor. I’m ok. I had my head scanned and it’s ok too. No thanks to the Brainmonster!

Ravelry details here

I knit my sister-in-law a new scarf to replace the one she lost…

Ravelry details here

Here is the lovely Siena, my favorite scarf model…

I knit my nephew an Avery Baby Sweater for Hanukkah…

Ravelry details here

Cute little bug button!!

I knit my brother-in-law an Oregon Ducks hat for his birthday (the same day as my brother’s birthday!)

Ravelry details here

Pattern: Using MC (Cascade 220), CO 104 sts, join and work k2 p2 ribbing for 10 rounds. Knit stockinette stitch until desired length. Decreases: [k6 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k5 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k4 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k3 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k2 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. [k1 k2tog] around. k 1 rnd. k2tog around. k2tog 6 times, k1. Cut yarn and pull through remaining 7 sts. Weave in ends. Duplicate-stitch the O in CC (Knit Picks Panache).

I knit Saartje’s Bootees for Nathania‘s baby boo

Ravelry details here

I also knit Korknissen for my immediate family members and one friend

Ravelry details here

These ones were for my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew…

These ones were for my parents…

These ones were for my brother and sister-in-law…

And this one was for my friend who often helps us out by dog-sitting

In other news, my mom (the best mom in the world!) sent me this box

And ALL these cookies and cakes were inside, all vacuum packed and wrapped in bubble wrap so they didn’t crumble!

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Happy New Year! To start off the new year, I have a new hat pattern available now in the store: Oak Bark Cabled Hat

I knit one for my sister-in-law for Christmas.

And I knit one for myself, which I LOVE and wear all the time now (even in the house, because I’m always cold!)

The pattern is available in the store for $2 for a PDF or $4.50 for a hard copy.

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