It seems like I haven’t been knitting much lately, except for a few swatches and baby sock samples (and finishing Corsica… sort of).

It was so nice to feel the pressure lift after Stitches. I’d like to finish some knitting projects up, like the baby blanket for my nephew that I started almost a year ago.

Above is a quarter of the blanket and below you can see what the center looks like.  I’m knitting concentric squares of alternating stockinette and garter.  I’m more than halfway done!

My nephew will never remember whether he got it when he was born or for his first birthday!

I also couldn’t resist starting something with some of the yarn I bought at Stitches. I actually started this scarf in the last few slow hours of Stitches, while I was manning the booth (with Cookie).

It’s a vine lace pattern with garter stitch border in the El Dorado (kid mohair/silk) yarn I got from Lisa Souza’s booth.  You can always use more scarves, right?

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  1. Sarah Says:

    What a pretty baby blanket! That Lisa Souza stuff is pretty too. You scored some great stuff at stitches — the Brooks Farm yarn sock you were working on last night was gorgeous.

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