My Palau Pomatomus sock is going well. I’m on the last repeat before the heel.

Since I finished blocking the doily I had the lace bug pretty bad, so I started in on the cashmere Cookie and Kristi got me.  

I’m making the Thistle ‘Balmoral’ Dinner Cloth (i.e. shawl) from the Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting.

I’ve also been working on my dad’s socks. His birthday is 2 weeks from today. I just started the foot of the second sock (top down), so I think I should have no problem finishing them in time to send them in time to get there before Friday the 13th (his birthday)! I won’t post any pictures until he’s received them just in case he checks the blog (I don’t know if he does — I kind of doubt it, but he’s much more internet-savvy than my mom, and she might ask him to show her sometimes…)

Also, since realizing I currently have 11 projects “on the needles,” or rather, unfinished, I decided I should pare that down a bit. So, I’m not going to start any new projects, except for my mom’s birthday socks (her birthday is in November) until I have less than 5 unfinished projects. That probably means no one’s getting Hanukkah knitting gifts this year (except my nephew), but that’s ok, because it kind of got a little out of hand last year.

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  1. Abigail Says:

    Doesn’t holiday knitting always get out of hand? 😉

  2. Cookie Says:

    I can’t wait to see Balmoral Thistle! That’s going to take a while though….

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