My Palau Pomatomus sock is going well. I’m on the last repeat before the heel.

Since I finished blocking the doily I had the lace bug pretty bad, so I started in on the cashmere Cookie and Kristi got me.  

I’m making the Thistle ‘Balmoral’ Dinner Cloth (i.e. shawl) from the Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting.

I’ve also been working on my dad’s socks. His birthday is 2 weeks from today. I just started the foot of the second sock (top down), so I think I should have no problem finishing them in time to send them in time to get there before Friday the 13th (his birthday)! I won’t post any pictures until he’s received them just in case he checks the blog (I don’t know if he does — I kind of doubt it, but he’s much more internet-savvy than my mom, and she might ask him to show her sometimes…)

Also, since realizing I currently have 11 projects “on the needles,” or rather, unfinished, I decided I should pare that down a bit. So, I’m not going to start any new projects, except for my mom’s birthday socks (her birthday is in November) until I have less than 5 unfinished projects. That probably means no one’s getting Hanukkah knitting gifts this year (except my nephew), but that’s ok, because it kind of got a little out of hand last year.

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Here’s the doily blocking…

After blocking…

And it’s now 10.5″ in diameter! It was about 8″ before.

Here’s a silly picture of Claire’s monkey in the baby socks.


Here are the baby socks for my coworker’s new baby boy (they’re fraternal — I love it!)


Here’s Claire’s monkey, all ready to go!



And here’s Claire running around with her monkey! She’s quick!

I think she likes him…

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You can’t knit underwater (at least not easily), but you sure can see some cool things! Here are some of the hundreds of underwater photos I took while diving in Palau!

This is in a WWII Japanese wreck.

This is a Lion Fish.

This is an anemone fish — a close relative of the clownfish (Nemo).

This is a Moray Eel.


This is a school of Pyramid Butterfly Fish.


This is a lobster!


This is a starfish.


This is a gorgeous dive called Blue Holes.


Here are some sharks…



This is actually a snorkelling trip to Jellyfish Lake, where the jellyfish have lost their ability to sting. Super cool.


Here’s Randall diving down with the jellies.


Here’s me and an anemone (complete with anemone fish!)


This is Randall and a giant sea fan (soft coral).


This is one of those puffer fish.


This is a Mandarin Fish.


This is a Harlequin Sweetlips.


This is a giant clam.


Here are some shots of the coolest thing we saw — a Manta Ray. It had a 12-13 foot wingspan and was 8-10 feet from nose to the beginning of its tail.

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I’m finally caught up with posting from the honeymoon (except some underwater photos coming soon).

So, it was really cool to meet Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, at Full Thread Ahead last weekend. It was also nice to see all the knitters, have lunch and knit before (and during) the event.

Here she is, checking on her crowd photos, determining the Los Altos knitters are not blurry.

And we weren’t!! Since I was sitting in the middle, I’m in both of the photos she took (sitting between Cookie and Randall, who won a prize for being the only male knitter who taught himself how to knit– $20 to Full Thread Ahead, with which he bought himself some alpaca to knit the Danica entrelac scarf).

Here Stephanie is simultaneously knitting and making us all laugh (not at the knitting, at the jokes!).

And here my Palau Pomatomus sock got to meet her and I got to hold the traveling sock!

It was a fun great distraction. I’m really glad I got to see her! She was hilarious.

P.S. I’m wearing the sweater I knit on the honeymoon…

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There were lots of lizards in Palau, of many varieties. They were pretty loud, especially these two in their courtship ritual.

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I knit a doily as a wedding present for my cousin while we were in Palau. I wanted to try a German pattern out before I make a shawl using one. I was going to make the doily that is the center of the shawl I want to make, but I accidentally read the wrong chart and made a different doily instead. That’s ok because I like it!

Since I didn’t bring any size 2 DPNs (and didn’t own any at the time), I started on circulars with the correct pattern, but messed up because I had a translation wrong, so I ripped it out. I didn’t really like the way the center was coming out either, so I tried again with toothpicks instead, with a pretty nice resulting center (although on the wrong pattern, but as I said before, that’s ok).

I still need to block it…

And as you can see, it’s about 8 inches in diameter before blocking.

The last project I started on the honeymoon was pomatomus socks out of the Palau-inspired yarn my Dye-O-Rama buddy dyed for me.  

They really did match the scenery…

Except at sunrise

or sunset

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Written in Palau, posted now! (last one)

To my surprise, I didn’t knit at all while we were living on a boat for a week, diving all day long. Diving takes a lot out of you, especially once you start getting cold. In 7 days I went on 27 dives and a snorkeling trip. It was exhausting, but great! I took 2.74 GB of photos with my underwater camera (Randall took a few of those on one or 2 dives). Anyway, it was an awesome week and this past week has been great too, in a very different way. We’ve been relaxing a lot, sleeping a ton, reading, and I’ve been knitting too! We went on a hike to see a waterfall and we went on a little trip to see stone monoliths and carved faces.

Here are some photos of the hike to the waterfall…

The old Japanese railroad…



The waterfall itself…

Here are some photos of the stone monoliths…

I love this tree!

An ancient carved face!

Today I finished up all the monkey parts I can for Claire’s monkey. I ran out of dark colored yarn on row 21 of the tail, so I need more Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight in dark brown before I can finish the tail and the backs of the ears, and sew all the dark brown pieces together. I finished all of the light brown pieces with plenty of light brown yarn to spare, but I’m waiting until I get home to sew any of the pieces together so I can stuff them at the same time.

Today I also finished up my Knit Picks Twist Picovoli-like short-sleeved sweater (Twist Tank). The color is Cotton Candy. I changed the gauge (size 6 needles) and added ribbing at the bottom so the fabric doesn’t curl up like it does on my original Picovoli (both are without the picot edging). Anyway, I love it! And I can wear it on the trip!


Yesterday I started a pair of socks for my dad. They’re very simple 2×2 ribbing socks, but that’s what he wants and it’s going pretty quickly. Top down I’ve got a little more than 4 inches done so far on one sock.

Having finished up 2 projects today, I think it’s time to start something new…

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Here are some of the critters we saw on the beach in Palau…


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When I said it was pouring rain our first week in Palau, I meant it.

Additionally, I saw a pineapple growing in the wild for the first time…

And we saw a nice sunset or two…

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Written in Palau, posted now!

Yesterday was a good knitting day. In the morning I knit an arm for Claire’s monkey stuffed animal and in the early evening I knit the other arm. In the afternoon, we sat on the beach and I started the Twist sweater. I knit for almost 4 hours and finished a ball of yarn. I tried the sweater on and I like it so far! We had tuna for dinner again. The tuna here is amazing!

This morning I woke up with a kink in my left arm. I assume it’s from knitting but it’s kind of weird, more of a range of motion issue than anything else. When I move my arm in certain ways my left forearm muscle hurts like hell. The good news is it’s partially sunny today! We saw our first glimpse of blue sky yesterday, but it was fleeting. This morning looks much better, although it’s still mostly cloudy. The bad new is Randall thinks he has bronchitis or pneumonia or something aweful in his lungs. I think we’re going to visit the medical center in a bit… in the meanwhile, I’ve been doing a bit of reading and I started knitting the body of Claire’s monkey stuffed animal, nice and slowly.